I am interested in Software Development, Cyber Security and Game Development


Website Developer & Maintainer @ (March 2019 - Present)

I'm currently maintaining my website using GCP as the website host. I am using VuePress for this website

Tags: JavaScript, CSS, Vue, VuePress

Contributor & Admin @ Hyperium Client (Feb 2018 - Present)

Hyperium is a 1.8.9 Minecraft client featuring tons of mods and features.

Website Twitter

Tags: Kotlin, Java

Bot Developer @ Watchdog (Jun 2018 - Present)

Watchdog is a discord bot with moderation tools and other utilities for TapL's discord


Tags: Java, JDA

Bot Developer @ QuigBot (Jun 2018 - Present)

Quigbot is a fun based discord bot with random clickbait generator and challenge generator for Quig's discord


Tags: Java, JDA

Bot Developer @ Tenebot (Jan 2019 - Present)

Tenebot is a discord bot with utilities like YT sponsor leveling for Tenebrous's discord


Tags: Kotlin, JDA

Languages, Frameworks & Libraries


  • Java
    • JavaFX (GUI)*
    • Swing (GUI)
    • SQL*
    • Apache HTTPClient
    • OkHTTP (HTTP Client)*
    • Gson (JSON Library)
    • SparkJava (Microservice Framework)
    • ASM (Bytecode Manipulation Library)
    • JDA (Discord API Wrapper)
    • Forge (Minecraft Modding API)*
    • Minecraft Source
  • Kotlin
    • TornadoFX (JavaFX Wrapper)*
    • Javalin (Microservice Framework)
    • Ktor (Web Framework)*
    • kMongo (MongoDB Wrapper)


  • HTML
  • JavaScript
    • Vue (Frontend Framework)*
      • VuePress (Static Site Generator)*
      • Vue Router
      • Vue Material (UI Library For Vue)
    • JQuery (Utility)*


  • Python
  • C#
    • .NET*
  • C++
    • Unreal Engine 4 (Game Engine)*
  • CSS

NOTE: * Not that experienced with the library / feature but, have used it often

IDE and Tools

My daily driver for JVM Languages like Java and Kotlin is IntelliJ IDEA and for Game Development, Native Application development I use Visual Studio


  • Git (Version Control)
  • Maven (Dependency Management for JVM Applications)
  • Gradle (Dependency Management for JVM Applications)
  • TravisCI (Continuous Integration)
  • Davinci Resolve (Video Editing)
  • Adobe XD (GUI Prototypes)
  • (Basic Photo Editing)
  • MongoDB (Database)
  • FileZilla (FTP Client)
  • PuTTY (SSH Client)
  • Postman (API Development Environment)
  • Wireshark (Network Analysis)
  • Fiddler (Network Analysis)
  • Trello (Project Management)
  • ShareX (Screenshot Tool)